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Our impact

We are a strategic advisory firm driven by a shared purpose to create and grow inclusive markets. Our mission is clear: to serve as a leading catalyst for a prosperous and influential Africa.

Through a combination of insights, advisory and advocacy, we help organisations to quantify the value at stake, identify emerging trends and opportunities, navigate the intricate web of political economy, and engage within systems to shape policies that address social challenges and drive inclusive growth.

Our strategic approach and our unwavering commitment to inclusivity sets us apart. We go beyond conventional consultancy, diving deep into the heart of issues that matter most to our clients and the communities they serve. By understanding the unique dynamics shaping the political economy and by bringing those previously at the margins to the core of decision-making and action, we co-create solutions that cater for underserved communities, drive sustainable change and strengthen economic resilience.

We see a pathway to an influential and prosperous Africa - a future where African leaders play a substantial role in shaping global governance, and where African nations thrive as magnets for responsible investment. Our vision extends beyond economic prosperity to a future where every African community enjoys equal access to opportunities, where pressing social problems are effectively addressed, and where inclusive growth becomes the standard

This is the vision we are working hard to realise, and we invite you to partner with us on this transformation journey.

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