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CEO, Africa Practice

Co-creating the new economy

Playing a catalytic role

Africa Practice marks its 20th anniversary in 2023. It’s a good moment to reflect on whether we are fulfilling our mission to play a catalytic role in the transformation of Africa. I hope by exploring this site that you will come to the same conclusion as me – that we are a positive force for change, but that we can also do more, much more to realise impact at scale.


As a strategic advisory firm, our biggest impact comes from the advice and solutions that we supply to our clients. We work with them to drive invest- ment that addresses national development priorities. Our core principle of shared advantage generates a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients’ operations while driving a positive, lasting societal impact that benefits all stakeholders.

Across the African continent today, we partner with development and commercial leaders to co-create and grow inclusive markets that cater for the underserved.


Collaborating with development partners and policy-makers to improve educational outcomes and increase financial inclusion, with a particular focus on gender.

Driving connectivity and the adoption of digital tools to create more jobs in the digital economy, and to increase crop yields for farmers.

Building multi-stakeholder platforms that promote public health.

Helping harness opportunities for climate philanthropy across the continent.

Advocating for policies and practices to increase agricultural trade and strengthen food security.

Promoting sustainable land management practices to monetise and restore natural capital.

Some of our work

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